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    In a galaxy far, far, away …

    One day we get sent to an argument, possibly a domestic call at lower Kalihi Street. We respond and arrive at a 3 story walk up apartment building with the parking area on the ground street level. We first notice the large Polynesian male maybe around 6 foot 3 inches, 300 pounds, and all muscle at the rear walled area. He was visibly upset, and screaming while punching the concrete wall. I swear I could feel the building move an inch on its foundation with each hit. He would yell with each blow, “SHE WAS CHEATING!, I CAUGHT HER CHEATING!

    So now we’re visualizing that he caught his wife cheating and he just killed his wife and her lover in the apartment upstairs. Three of my guys quickly run up the stairs after asking what apartment he lives in, leaving me with the guy. Alone with the guy???!!! Okay so I’m using all the verbal Judo I can but luckily he’s ignoring me and just concentrating all his anger at that wall still striking it with all his might!

    After what seemed like an eternity, I saw my beat partners coming back down the stairs smiling and laughing while walking back towards me. They said everything was okay upstairs and it was just a misunderstanding. So, I asked what the heck is he so upset about? The wife told them that their son was playing Mortal Combat on Nintendo with his father and their son kept losing and came crying to her about it. She offered to help him and took over the game controller and started beating her husband, over and over causing him to lose all his lives and eventually losing the battle. The husband got all upset losing his temper. Before storming out of the apartment he accused her of cheating because she doesn’t work and has been practicing all day playing the game!

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    Kaiolu Street parking lot...

    One night we get a report of a car fire at the old Kaiolu Street parking lot in Waikiki. Upon arrival we see a Volkswagen Cabriolet, that’s the convertible Rabbit, totally engulfed in flames parked in a stall fronting the narrow walkway leading to Lewers Street. This will be relevant later.

    So we close the walkway on the Lewers Street side so no one can walk through and provide traffic/ crowd control in the parking lot where the fire trucks and hoses are. The fire was so severe that the heat from the flames was deforming the windows to the cars parked on both sides.

    While monitoring the crowd I see this pretty young girl crying while standing at the entrance to the walkway. I assume she’s the owner of the now charcoal crispy briquette, so after the fire was extinguished, I walk up to her and ask if that was her car so I can get her statement for the fire call report. To my surprise she tells me “NO” it’s not her car but the one parked next to it. If I remember correctly, I think it was like a Toyota Corolla and she was inspecting the warped doors and windows. She said that she had only parked there a few minutes to go to withdraw money from the ATM on the other side of the walkway.

    I asked her if she saw anything unusual to the Volkswagen when she parked her car earlier. She said yeah it looked like a small fire was starting from a lit cigarette on the seat. So I asked her, “so you saw the fire starting on the car seat?” … she answered, “yeah”. I added, “and you still parked your car next to it?” … she answered, “yeah … it was the only empty stall!” “I was only going to be a couple of minutes!”… she was literally serious!

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    Where are you from?

    We get sent to the departure level at the airport and we meet up with a family curbside who wished to report their luggage stolen. Okay, so what happened? They related that they left the hotel in Waikiki and arrived at the airport in their rental car. They parked curbside and unloaded all their luggage from the car and stacked it on the sidewalk area with their video camera case at the top. Leaving the luggage unattended, they all jump back into the car and head to the rental car return area to turn in their car.

    At the car rental return, they close out the rental car and wait for the airport shuttle bus. About an hour later they returned to the departure area and could not locate their luggage. They inquired with the porters as well with their airline with no luck. They were referred to the State Lost and Found and again no luck and left their contact information.

    So my coworker was attentively listening to their tale as they were telling it and just had to ask THE question, “WHERE ARE YOUR GUYS FROM?” “YOU LEAVE YOUR BAGS UNATTENDED FOR OVER AN HOUR AND EXPECT IT TO STILL BE HERE?”. The wife answered, “We didn’t know this kind of stuff happens in Hawaii!”

    Mike Three Zero … 10-8!

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