L&K Pho and Sandwich at Ohana Hale Marketplace

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    I ordered their Vietnamese sandwich for dinner last week and I looked forward to it because of the sales job by the owner, and a couple other customers. The owner uses the St. Germain style baguettes instead of the ones from Bale. The bread is good, and is nice and crunchy after she toasts it. She is very generous with the pork filling. It looks like char siu, but is some kind of steamed pork. To top things off, she uses four different sauces on top of the veges and meat. Things look good so far, but when I ate it, there was not much taste to anything. With all the different sauces on the sandwich, I would thing there would be all these different flavors melting in my mouth, I was wrong.

    Not sure what was missing, but it needs something. I used to help friends out at Kapiolani Park and their Viet food booth many years ago, so I know how to make the sandwiches. They made some really good stuff, and when we get together, sandwiches are made...sometimes! My best guess is the L&K sandwich needs some garlic salt on top of it. That would give it some taste. Now, the pickled daikon and carrots left a lot to be desired as it too, had no taste. I need that vinegar kick from the pickled veges, but there was no kick. :(

    I may give it another chance if I can tell the lady what to put and not put on my sandwich.

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