Moku at SALT

Discussion in 'Restaurant Guide & Review' started by Grumpy, Mar 21, 2019.

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    Had lunch there today and it consisted of a wild mushroom pizza and Caesar salad. Well, let me say the food was underwhelming. The Caesar salad consisted of about 8 Romaine leaves with Caesar sauce and some shaved parmesan. The pizza was about the same. Probably very similar to what you would get at CPK, but the pizza was really salty. I'm usually okay with salty stuff, but this was a bit much. Would not repeat.

    Note: If you order a Coke, it is not a Coke. Instead it is Jones cola. It definitely does not taste like Coke as it is sweet, and the soda is flat. The waitress explained that is how the Jones soda is. Pass.

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