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    IMG_1164.JPG you know how it goes let's bring it back!!!
    Post from way back or current rides!!
    My eg from way back when fh was still up... cheee
  2. peanutbutter_da9

    peanutbutter_da9 New Member

    Heres my shitty da9

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  5. rainwata808

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    FullSizeRender.jpg Throwback speedhawaii
  6. NotGermz

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  7. kayyy

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    MLK_MNY_NESS New Member

    Wow are you the first female on fh? Lol
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  11. Homemadepower

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    FriApr30203610PacificHonolulu2010.jpg forums Hawaii/ speed Hawaii dayz FriApr30203556PacificHonolulu2010.jpg FullSizeR_4.jpg vegas 123_1.jpeg IMG_0325.jpg Honda fest washington. IMG_0225.jpg back in washington IMG_1371.jpg
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  12. Nah_Nope

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    ooooo the carbon front ek!
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  13. Homemadepower

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    downsized_0404091242.jpg PA319870.jpg 0905090839.jpg Picture100.jpg l_fb4f16f8d1964f6d878551e5b949166d.jpg Picture099.jpg 1109081104.jpg 1107081726.jpg 1395770231209.jpg WAY BACK...
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  15. kayyy

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    I hope not! LOL! Where's CrazyChickDriver or something like that?!! Haha!
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  16. NotGermz

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    Happy Aloha Saturday ya'll. Throwback photo

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  17. moke_ferarri

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  19. DB8

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    Had this Integra since 1998 IMG_7119 (3).JPG

    My EG
    IMG_6661 (2).JPG
    Built this EK cause I would always get scoldings at the track not having a cage in my cars

    My daily driver nowadays, save gas lol!!
  20. DB8

    DB8 New Member

    Here's couple old videos at the track.

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