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Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by NickT, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Diamond cutter?
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    TMT has spent so much money to date. What's a little more? No need to truck TMT construction supplies that can be blocked on the road. Just fly supplies and personnel in!

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    Weird day on the roads today. Drove past that pedestrian accident on Kapiolani and Mahukona, probably minutes before it happened. Had a minivan cab in the #2 lane, an Altima? in the #1 lane. When I passed the accident, I saw the cabbie on the phone, probably 911, a few people near the double solid yellow talking, and a lady face down on the pavement not moving. :(

    A few minutes later, I'm leaving Symphony and a HFD hook and ladder has the #1 left turn blocked on Ward makai bound. It also blocked the #1 lane mauka bound. A white utility truck in front with a big ass chain connecting the truck to the hook and ladder, like it was towing the hook and ladder. Then I see the wheel came off the right rear of the hook and ladder. Search for the wheel and it is on the sidewalk near the Blaisdell ticket office parking lot. Then a jack wagon in a yellow Camaro convertible turning left onto Piikoi from Kapiolani. Must have been a tourist.

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