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Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by NickT, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Ahh, shaddup. I walk my sisters Papillon and her Tibetan. My mom's dog is my baby, a beagle/corgi.
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    How true!!!
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    From Civil Beat...

    Gov. David Ige’s administration has instructed state departments to make plans for budget cuts of 10%, 15% or 20% from their spending, depending on the department, and informed the public worker unions the target is to cut $600 million from next year’s operating budget.

    House Finance Chair Sylvia Luke indicated she is inclined to shield the University of Hawaii and the public education systems from the brunt of those cuts.

    Meanwhile, Randy Perreira, executive director of the Hawaii Government Employees Association, warned his members in the video message that the state budget scenario is truly dire.
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    From Civil Beat...

    Critical Funding Fight Looms As Public Safety Boards Remain Cash-Strapped By Blaze Lovell[​IMG]

    The commission tasked with overseeing prisons and jails has stalled because it can’t get money from the state.

    A board formed to develop basic training and certification standards for law enforcement has struggled to get going without more money from the Legislature.

    And a panel convened to investigate officer-involved deaths still has not met this year and has made no promises on when it might reconvene.

    Both the corrections commission and standards board plan to ask the Legislature for more money at the session that starts in January. Lawmakers, meanwhile, are contemplating significant budget cuts.
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    What the heck???

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