S13,s14,q45 parts

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    S13 parts
    -S13 power doors with everything but side mirrors 100 each
    -coupe rear windshield 50
    -fastback qtr Windows 75 each
    -fastback rear bumper cover, support, foam 50
    -door handles 20 each
    -kouki rails, center garnish, lower finishing panel 400
    -Silvia small letter grill, brand new 140
    -Megan track coilovers, loose front top hats everything else works, 450
    -stance gr+ coilovers good condition 700
    -rear subframe with stock links 80
    - front subframe with rack, the rods, spindals, calipers, and knuckles 100
    -s13 power steering system, only missing ps pump pulley 60
    -intake manifolds with misc parts on an. Inquire
    -5 speed 1 piece steel 's. Non abs 150
    - 5 sp clutch hardline 50
    - 5sp clutch pedal 75
    -5sp brake pedal 50
    -5sp shifter boot with ring 30
    -ka24de ecu 40 each
    - front sounds 50 pair. Stock
    -rear knuckles 40 stock
    -rear 5 lug hubs 150 pair
    -5 lug stock rotors 80 set
    -stock tension rod braces 50 pair
    -stock sohc, dohc down pipes 40 each
    -stock sohc and sohc headers 40 each
    -ka24de engine wire harness 70
    -ignition coils 25
    -ka24e and ka24de distributors 30 each
    -front lcas used ball joints and good bushings 80 pair
    -stock se and tear drop rims some with tires some without inquire
    -stock 5sp shifter 40
    -stock power door panels, grey ok shape 80 pair
    -many misc fastback interior panel pieces grey inquire
    -sohc analog clusters 60 each
    -digitAl clusters 80
    -digital cluster subharness 20
    -flip front gp sports kit 150
    -gp sports side skirts one has a crack repair 120
    - gp sports rear kit coupe 150
    -stock rear links 20 pair
    -pass power window switch 40

    S14 parts
    Kouki tails 300
    Navan oem rear valences 250
    Usdm kouki se side skirts 300
    Usdm kouki headlamps 240
    Kouki usdm corner lamps 100 pair
    Kouki jdm front grill 80
    Kouki hood metal 380
    Oem trunk with wing. Unrusted 150
    Rear bumper cover, foam and support 140
    Metal stock qtr panels 75 each
    Non sunroof roof, 50
    Doors with everything in it. 150
    Skyline gtr 5x114.3 stock rims with 70% on tires 600
    Stock exhaust 140
    Stock header and down pipe 80
    Confetti front seats one gig burn 250
    Rear grey base seats good shape 80
    Misc grey interior pieces inquire
    Misc wire harnesses from 1996 se inquire
    5 sp pedals 75 each
    Jdm oem window visors 150
    Roof wing 100
    5 lug spindals 300 one
    Z32 30mm front calipers with steel lines and rotors 240
    Non abs auto 1 1/16 brake master and booster 140
    Non abs brake hardliners 50
    Kts coilovers, rear bottom mount bushing is worn. Not blown 550
    Hks coilovers, bought used, never used 500
    A.c. blower motor 50
    Misc ac parts from 96. Inquire
    Black uncracked dash 450
    Black rear speaker cover 75
    Black confetti front and rear seats, good shape 400
    Black confetti door panels good shape 375
    Bare rear subframe 75

    Parting out a 1997 q45 and a 2001 q45 Inquire for parts.

    808 2213861 text
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    First classified ad, I'm not surprised lol
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    Lol you buy or you leave. Chinese accent off. Jkjk Justin
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    Haha might be interested in power steering system if no leaks. But I texted you already Picasso
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    To the topppppppppp
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    Bump. Just to be the first to say "bump" on the first classifieds thread lol.

    Also "good luck with sale."

    Also "what's the lowest would you take?"


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