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What to do with wreck less car drivers?

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  1. Pound em out

  2. Let em be

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  1. Localboifarmer

    Localboifarmer New Member

    i drive a pick up truck and I happened to had my 2 year old toddler with me. Will a group of high luxury car cruise was driving opposite direction of me one of them decided to overtake there driving formation on kamehameha highway in front of gunstock. I also notice the lunch wagon out here happens to be a nice pits top for everybody that likes to go on SUNDAY FUNDAY car cruises. I'm a import fanatic myself and road rules and safety is a main concern
  2. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Eurotrash, Import rice, or Detroit steel doesn't matter. If they did not wreck anybody's car, no harm no foul. If their driving was reckless, let HPD know. You pull them over, stick your had inside their car and do other things, you can go to jail, or get sued. You don't want that 2 year old visiting you in jail, or having your pay garnished.
  3. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    Wreck less as in absence of a wreck?....LOL
  4. NickT

    NickT Member

    My Sunday Fundays involve brunch and bar hopping / drinking on a patio.

    Monday quizzes/exams make Sundays not as fun now.
  5. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    Wreck less. Reckless. Same same ah?
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  6. NotGermz

    NotGermz New Member

    Nice photo fag. Hahahahaha
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  7. Nah_Nope

    Nah_Nope New Member

    LOL Germaaaaaiinnee!
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  8. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    If you're NotGermz, then I am.
  9. Jared

    Jared New Member

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  10. Tokyo

    Tokyo New Member

    Link facts. The irony of the misuse in this thread.
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