Airport security shoots dog

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    Grieving family has many questions, few answers after dog shot to death at airport
    [​IMG] By Brigette Namata Published: March 29, 2017, 4:27 pm Updated: March 29, 2017, 5:35 pm
    Kaiele (Photo: Leisha Ramos)

    What was supposed to be a fresh start for a Hawaii Island family has now turned into a nightmare.

    We were the first to tell you that a family’s pet dog was shot and killed by security at Honolulu International Airport.

    The family is now demanding answers following the death of Kaiele, a 2-year-old pitbull mix.

    His owner, Leisha Ramos, says her family was putting luggage in the car when a security officer at Honolulu International Airport told them they had to leave.

    Ramos says the situation escalated fast. The family did not want any trouble, and she says her dog was no threat.

    The loss of Kaiele has left her with concerns, like why a gun was used in what she considered a non-threatening situation.

    “Before it all happens, like why are you approaching with a gun when I’m sitting on the grass?” Ramos said. “My dog is on the ground laying next to me, and my daughter is in my lap. There’s no threat.”

    Ramos, her 5-month-old baby, and Kaiele were by the drive-thru check-in section of Hawaiian Airlines. They had just flown in from Hawaii Island.

    Ramos says a verbal argument escalated between her boyfriend and the armed Securitas employee.

    “He told us we need to leave, and my boyfriend said, ‘Okay, we’re just loading everything.’ (The officer) said, ‘No, you guys need to leave. Your dog doesn’t belong here. You need to leave or I’ll take care of it’ while taking out his gun and walking towards us,” Ramos said. “My boyfriend was telling him, ‘What are you going to do? Shoot my dog? And my dog was chained.”

    Ramos says her dog somehow got loose and began to run to her boyfriend when the officer shot the dog once between the eyes.

    “That’s what I was doing, trying to get my dog home,” Ramos said. “I trusted them that my dog would be safe, and they killed him. They killed him.”

    Ramos says her questions are endless.

    “If there was a designated area for the dog, he should have recommended that before he pulled out a gun. He should have,” she said. “(My dog) wasn’t mean. He wasn’t going to hurt nobody. He didn’t hurt nobody. Why won’t they take other precautions?”

    The Department of Public Safety released the following statement Wednesday: “There is an active investigation into yesterday’s incident at the airport being conducted by State Sheriffs. It would be premature to release findings until the investigation is complete.”

    The airport does have several relief areas for service animals, pets in transit, and working animals.

    There is a fenced-in grassy area between the international and overseas parking lots.

    There’s also a relief area at the interisland terminal ground level, in the C.B. Lansing Garden and in the Overseas Terminal Central Concourse ground level in the Hawaiian Garden.

    While in those areas, all animals must remain on a leash and under the direct control of their owner or handler.
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    i don't even know why this is an issue.
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    It's sad that the dog was killed.

    That's one hell of a shot between the eyes.
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    not supposed to use deadly force unless you fear for your life right? if someone shot a dog running at them on the streets would it be justified?
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    He wuz agootdog, he neva hurt nobody. He jus had sum bad breaks and was turning his life around.
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    He dindu nuffin
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    As Judge Judy would say, an animal is an animal is an animal...

    Like the recent "good family dog" chomped the baby to death! Yup "friendly" dog!!!

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