Big Island Snipe-A-Ride (BISAR)

Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by Street DreamS, May 26, 2017.

  1. Street DreamS

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    Anyone that use to lurk on Forumshawaii.Com years ago knows how this works!

    For all the new people flocking in... The game is simple... see a Forums Member out and about.. snap a pic of the vehicle and post the Member's name as well as when and where it was taken! Years ago this game did help prosecute auto theives. Auto Theft did take a notable dip at the games peak. We live on an Island and the Automotive enthusiasts Community is growing again! This helps us watch each others backs! Happy Hunting!!

    FH, the staff and the members are not liable nor responsible for you or your actions. The Electronic Ban Law is in Full effect. Please try to use resources such as Dash Cams or have a passenger Snap the picture for you. If you get a ticket we are not responsible for it..

    Let's do it!!!
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  2. Street DreamS

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    Still got a hand full of the original stickers around..

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  3. Street DreamS

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    First Official Victim...

    Punker - Bottom of Saddle Road (Waikoloa side) 17:55 5/26/2017
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    Oh nahhhhh
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    Use to be on here I believe jus cant remember the username.. used his IG

  6. Street DreamS

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    I HATE MY HONDA leaving 4miles 5/29/17 @ 14:04

  7. Street DreamS

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    The massacre @ 4miles... lol

    Punker and the gang...


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