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Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by Grumpy, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sure it's lurking around in cyber space some where! ...LOL
  2. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    i forget what he had before the flex.
  3. dms_808

    dms_808 Member

    i remembered lil while after i posted i was thinking of another guy with arowanas sn arrow1 or something like that lol
  4. MkII

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  5. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

  6. MkII

    MkII New Member

    That you, old man?
  7. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Yup. I'm surprised you're still around.
  8. MkII

    MkII New Member

    Heard fh was back up and wanted to stop by. You still slumlording?
  9. MkII

    MkII New Member

  10. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Same shit, different day.
  11. wirelessf

    wirelessf New Member

    Making it rain at the rail bill hearing:
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  12. x808drifter

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  13. NickT

    NickT Member

    Omaha burgeoning right now for sushi. On top of a few already not-bad spots,

    There's a new place that was opened by a chef from NYC who worked under Daisuke Nakazawa (Jiro's top apprentice in the documentary)
    Another place just opened by a badass sushi chef who did an omakase that I had the pleasure of dining at.
    And a conveyor belt sushi place a la Genki just opened too!

    Anyways, went to the first place last night.
    "Sushi for Two" for $47. 16 nigiri + 3 rolls. Fish was really good. no complaints really.
    Starting at the top clockwise:
    White fish with a special house soy sauce on top. Waiter skipped over it when explaining so idk what it was.
    Smoked salmon
    Aji Mackerel (pretty sure)
    Smoked Tuna

    We ate counterclockwise starting with Albacore (5 o'clock position), unintentionally saved the two tuna for last but it turned out to be a pretty good idea.
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  14. jeremydc

    jeremydc New Member

    This actually tasted like laulau. Asked the server what the based was. Spinach and mixed preservatives?

  15. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Saw this nice Power Wagon.

    Power wagonA.jpg
  16. 808CVPI

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  17. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

  18. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    Moonwalking? Rolling?
  19. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Maybe someone was drunk at work. The handicap background is supposed to be blue, but notice it is black? The guy thought, why is this stencil all blue? I'll use the black side cause black lives matter.
  20. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    The logo is reversed too right?

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