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Discussion in 'FH Lounge' started by NickT, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    Are you sure????....LOL
  2. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    It's interesting how our State Attorney General fought so hard against the Federal Immigration ban....is he going to take a stand against Mililani from trying to ban immigration to their community by the mental health halfway house?....LOL!
  3. NickT

    NickT Member

    It's all virtue signaling. They fight for this and that, as long as it's not in their neighborhood / doesn't affect them. Hawaii doesn't even take in refugees IIRC

    It's like JK Rowling advocating for taking in refugees. She has a bunch of mansions with so many god damn open/empty rooms, Twitter even started crowdfunding for plane tickets for refugees to stay at JK Rowling's mansions. Of course, she goes silent and refuses to say anything about housing refugees herself.
  4. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

  5. 808CVPI

    808CVPI Administrator Staff Member

    Anybody else's but not mine!!!...LOL
  6. NickT

    NickT Member

    Had Yamazaki 12 last night, neat.

    Real friggin good. Really want to buy a bottle now, even if it's gonna cost me over $100 with shipping...

    Bar I went to had the 2016 Yamazaki Sherry Cask... $500 for a 1oz pour lol. Gonna try their Hakushu 12 and some NAS Hibiki/Nikka over the next few visits.
  7. Love2Live

    Love2Live New Member

    Hibiki 17 is one of my favourites
  8. Grumpy

    Grumpy Administrator

    Why Japanese whisky?
  9. NickT

    NickT Member

    Rather subjective but it's the best IMO. Makes sense too... Japanese distillers learned from Scotch makers, and through their neurotic life-long drive for perfection, they've become the best at making whiskey.
  10. Humble Soul

    Humble Soul New Member

    I've heard good things about Japanese whiskey but never tried any. Although I enjoy whiskey I don't drink it too often, mostly on occasions. Johnnie Walker Blue is awesome though.
  11. NickT

    NickT Member

    I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, let alone enjoy a nice whiskey. I have a bottle of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban scotch but I've barely drank from it.

    Now that spring/summer is coming up, I'm starting to restock my bar/wine racks. Ordered (and paid out the ass for) a bottle of Yamazaki 12 and Pernod Absinthe (for Sazeracs).

    If I do drink, it's because I have a rare night off from studying and I'm trying to get as drunk as possible to make the most of it. Costco Jim Beam and shot(s) of 100 proof Okolehao (I always bring some back from Hawaii).
  12. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    you're gunning for the right profession to afford fancy food and drink.

    btw i ran into alan from grylt yesterday. he's doing meal prep called built by grylt and he also opened a restaurant in waikiki. i've known him for over 15 years and he was always on his grind since back in those days.
  13. NickT

    NickT Member

    I always liked the guy when I worked for him. I can see how he rubs people wrong tho bc of his work ethic and ambition. I saw that Manoa Grylt closed, didn't know about anything new he's doing though. Just looked up Shore Fyre on Yelp, looks pretty solid.

    The meal prep concept is all the rage now, not surprised he's doing that after Grylt. Natural progression since Grylt was all about healthy meals.

    Semi-related, but random thought:

    I've had this idea in my head for a couple years now. My end game is to own/run a restaurant. Practicing physician by day, save up for a few years to invest/build my own restaurant.
    Two story restaurant with the 2nd floor being an open air event space / beer garden w/ full service bar.
    Obviously I won't be running daily operations but I want to be the majority owner and have most of the influence on the menu and everything else. Pop in occasionally to manage/supervise at night or on weekends.

    EDIT: Just got an email notifying me my summer skin cancer research project has been approved with full stipend. One step closer to Dermatology
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  14. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    damn man you're on a roll.

    alan was telling me about this procedure where they grow stem cells and re-insert into your knee vs replacing the knee. i'm real interested in getting that done if it works well. sounds pricey.
  15. NickT

    NickT Member

    Read a study a few weeks ago about how they placed knee surgery patients through one of three procedures to study recovery time and strength. Two of the three trials were actual procedures, the third one was a placebo where the surgeon just sloshed stuff around in the knee and sutured it back up. Turns out all 3 had no significant difference in recovery time and strength. This was for less serious injuries though. Meniscus tears and stuff like that, they didn't do this on ACLs.

    Arthroscopic osteoarthritis and meniscectomys
  16. NickT

    NickT Member

    Access and ability to see my family and private transportation should be a right.
    Thus, the government should pay for my flights home.

    Doesn't that sound ridiculous?
  17. NickT

    NickT Member

    UAL stock down a billion.

    All because a manager laughed at a flyer's face when they wanted $1600 to give up their seat.

    $1600 vs $2 billion when it's all said and done

    lol (I only fly American when I can help it)

    EDIT: The fact that the guy is a doctor and criminal should have zero bearing on the situation. Was kinda annoyed that every news outlet is referring to him as a doctor, implying he's better than everyone. Thought it was interesting that he and his wife both went to medical school in Vietnam though.
  18. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    once he gets his settlement, he won't have to write bogus scripts for benzos and opiates anymore.
  19. NickT

    NickT Member

    Cash settlement or ... favors settlement?
  20. kev/anton

    kev/anton Member

    ay man they tore down your dojo. did they move? do they have classes for little kids?

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